Helping Military Save for a Season

I am so excited to announce that the lovely ladies at have decided to offer a VERY special coupon to active duty military families!  In the midst of all the transformation with the military, this is GOOD NEWS. was set up to offer meal planning for busy families.  For only $8 a month, you make your meal and snack selections and receive a full menu and shopping list for the store of your choice.

I get to announce an exclusive offer, starting here, today!

If you are an active duty military family, you can enjoy this convenience for 1/2 off the monthly membership for 2 years.

That’s only $4/month for 24 months!

All you have to do is email them at

They’ll send you an email with the code to use on and a reminder this is for active duty military.

And if you needed another reason to feel good, will proudly contribute to the orphan care charity of your choice for the entire duration of your membership.

Header Image

So check them out today!  Save money in one of the three ways we do that here at

Interested in how this amazing convenience will work for you?  Visit

It’s time for me to go build my menu for the week!  Have a great one!


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