You Know What They Say About Assuming…

It usually makes “assum” out of “ing”…

Have you stopped to think about what assumptions you have in your overall financial plan?

Are you assuming your income will increase?

Are you assuming your income will decrease?

Are you assuming the number of family members under your roof will remain the same?

Are you assuming that a move is in your future, or that a move is not in your future?

What if you adjusted just one of these factors?  Would your goals change?  They most certainly would.

Sometimes we are so set on a goal that we forget why we set that goal.

Just as an example,  I set a goal once to run a certain number of miles in order to prove to myself I could.  By the time I was done running those miles, I had assumed a *small-time* reputation as “a runner.”  I actually forgot why I started that goal and just kept on runnin, and runnin…

Until I arrive at motherhood, or at least several years into it, and realize, the entire goal was based on the assumption that I had time, and lots of it, to myself.

I had started to wonder if I was no longer a runner, when in fact I should have wondered, why is this goal not working anymore?  And then I could have seen, it was because the assumption – of plentiful time – had disappeared.

Enter new goals.  These new goals are based on new assumptions.  They fit our lifestyle better, they decrease stress, and they give us a united purpose.

Keep in mind: goals are not always golden.  Keep track of your assumptions so that you know when to change your goals.


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